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Media Strategy

Increase marketing efforts through online press release. Get your business name out there to gain maximum exposure and visibility. They are custom tailored to meet customer needs to organically drive the most traffic and generate the most leads. ELM uses online proven techniques that work. These are proven methods used by Industry leaders. 



Social Marketing

Social networking changes the way customers consume media and promote your brand. Our solutions target the most profitable social sites, enabling you to interact with customers, conduct research & assist with customer service issues.


Search Engine Optimization


​Increase traffic to your website using SEO, search engine optimization. SEO can help recruit and retain relevant client base. SEO can target new, existing and expand your business using relevant business practices to help your organization focus on a your niche market in order to grow your business.

Quality content  + Relevancy = success



Web Development 

​Having a dynamic professional site that is carefully and well created can lead your business to success. It will carefully guide your traffic and customer base through your sales process. It can help indirectly grow your business because it is the foundation of all marketing efforts.



E-Lance Marketing can help customize a marketing strategy unique and specific to your organizational needs. To brand, market, or re-market your brand image, or product to fit your organizational needs.  


Local Optimization 

For business to establish local presence, optimizing your brand for local representation online is quickly becoming one of the most critical tasks for marketing campaign success. In today's economic climate, small businesses can't afford to miss out on any opportunities. Local level marketing is essential for success. Local optimization can help promote your business through local promotions and  deals.