FAQ Frequently Asked Questions?


Why is Internet Marketing important?

Internet Marketing can help grow your business immensely. It can attract more traffic but also boost your chances of success. Integrating Web marketing in conjunction with social media and direct email campaigns are useful tools to start generating new and relevant business.


How ​can  E-Lance Marketing help my business?

ELM will help integrate marketing technology and resources to fit your business needs.​ They will work with you on creating a marketing and pricing plan that will fit your organizational needs.


What tools are used?

Web design, Content Writing, Local Optimization, Search Engine Visibility, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing Campaigns.


Can my business save time and money?

According to Marketing Sherpa, organizations who optimize their websites using in house staff see a 38% jump in overall traffic.​ On the other hand, organizations that use outside experts have experienced as much as 110% growth.