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According to Forbes.com over 90% of Marketers utilize SEO every year for lead generation. And that figure is said to be growing (Olenski, 2013).

E-Lance Marking can help your organization launch its online marketing program to ensure the up most success. Integrating an online marketing strategy to your businesses plan will help grow your organization and take it to the next level. 

“Customer Satisfaction is the first priority.”

SEO Objective 

Increase visibility  for your business on Google by using Google Analytics, and other main search engines. Improve rankings for relevant search terms in order to boost traffic and capture a greater share of Internet leads. 

SEO Approach

To make it manageable and understandable for clients to be successful to deliver superior service.

SEO Practices


We put our best foot forward by employing the best Industry practices. We focus on high quality, well optimized content to ensure organizational success.

Our Thinking

Step 1.  Create website 

Step 2. Create SEO Plan along with  Marketing Plan

Step 3. Identify Target or Niche Market

Step 4. Choose package that works best for your organization.

Increase your local presence in the market place through online and local exposure to grow your business. 

Increase your Return on Investment through establishing maximum visibility online public relations. Using Industry methodology that have proven to successfully work.

Increase marketing performance by driving traffic through online social marketing campaigns that can increase your organizations bottom line performance.

Local  Optimzation